Safe Havens

Waterloo Safe Haven & Weisman Program at the Cedar Locust Building

The Safe Haven programs offer a safe and secure environment for homeless individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses to engage in treatment at their own pace.

Tenants are not required to participate in services, but are required to follow basic house rules. Tenants sign a traditional tenant landlord lease and are required to pay 30% of their income toward rent. Both facilities are monitored 24 hours a day.

Veteran Safe Haven

The Veteran Safe Haven opened in August 2014. The facility follows the Housing First model which focuses on providing affordable housing as quickly as possible for a person experiencing homelessness. Supportive services and connections to community-based supports help to address the concerns that may have led to homelessness.

Persons referred to the Veteran Safe Haven receive medical and psychiatric treatment through the Veteran’s Administration.

Referrals to the Veteran Safe Haven are typically made by the VA Community Resource and Referral Center, caseworkers with Supportive Services for Veteran Families, and other VA-related providers. 

The Safe Haven is a place of refuge from the hardships of the streets.