Client Rights

All employees of Community Support Services are familiar with the specific client and resident rights and the grievance procedure.

Any staff person can explain the client/resident rights to a person who receives services from Community Support Services; however, there is a specific person called the Client Rights Advocate who oversees the complaint and grievance process. It is that person’s responsibility to accept and oversee the process of any grievance filed by a client or other person or agency on behalf of a client.

As a contract agency of the County of Summit, Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board through the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, people who use or apply for or are treated through our services are protected through a set of rights and procedures through Ohio Administrative Code, 5122-26-18.

For more information regarding community/outpatient client and residential rights, please select the appropriate item below.

Community & Outpatient Client Rights Information

Residential Rights Information


E-Mail Completed Grievance Form to

You may also mail the completed form after printing it to Client Rights, Community Support Services, 150 Cross St., Akron, Ohio 44311

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